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Tourist Attractions Somnath

Bhalka Tirth
Bhalka tirth is a place where lord krishna was shot down by a hunter by mistake or due to some spititual reasons. but lord krishna was not dead on the spot. actually he left his body on the bank of river triveni and the place where now the geeta madir is built

Geeta mandir
Geeta mandir is located on the bank of river triveni. This is the place where lord krishna's soul left his body. This is also the place where lord krishna actually used to sit and used to rest, that place is known as mahaprabhu ji's baithaka.

Sharda Peeth
Sharda peeth is the place where shri adi-guru shankaracharya stayed and worshipped lord shiva for 25 years in a cave. That cave is still present there and temple of avatar of lord still that he worshipped

Triveni Sangam Somnath
TRIVENI is a rivers that is born from the merging the three rivers, that are HIRANYA, KAPILA, SARASWATI. Triveni sangam is famous for the moksh prapti asthi samarpan.

Prabhas Patan Museum
Prabhas Patan Museum is very historic, Though there were probably less kings and kingdoms over here but all which were there are present in this measeum.

Lakshmi Narayan Temple
Lakshmi Narayan temple is located near somnath temple and is very artistically built. It is famous for the sculptures and idols in it.